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                    4710 Pioneer Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180

                    GARDEN SHOP / FARMERS MARKET  Open 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays only  April - December 6th 9am - noon


                    Just 15 mins southeast of downtown Dallas 1 block north I20 @ Seagoville Rd.


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Voted Best CSA 2013!

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Featured in Edible Dallas & Forth Worth - Winter 2009

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D Magazine - Chefs for Farmers Launch long-table style benefit dinner at Eden's.  

Market Day - Our Humble Beginnings

"...an urban country adventure." - Kim Pierce DMN












































Nestled among old majestic post oaks in the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs, Marie Tedei owns and operates Eden’s Organic Garden Center and CSA Farm offering CSA memberships, a community garden area and each 1st and 3rd Saturday from April - December, the all farmer, all clean food market day at the garden center on the farm, where you can come out and meet the farmers, ranchers and producers. This historic 14 acre horse ranch & newly started urban vegetable farm is in its 3rd year of production with a heart for the local community and fellow farmers. Member of WWOOF, TOFGA, CNG and the Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce. Eden's Garden CSA was recently featured in Edible DFW.

Eden's Organic Garden Center is an independently owned, full service organic garden shop where you'll find all of your organic gardening and lawn care needs including answers to your questions and good old fashioned customer service.  We also host the first (and so far we think the only) all-farmers/ranchers/producers and all organic market day!  On site consulting referrals available.

The Garden Shop is open 1st and 3rd Saturdays, (same days as the market) March - December.  See hours and location for details. (NOTE: SEASONAL HOURS APPLY DURING DOG DAYS OF SUMMER AND OVER THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON.)  See the Market Day page for dates the farmers come out. If you need gardening products outside of those hours, call the shop and let us know and we'll arrange a time to meet and get your order. 

Just minutes from downtown Dallas and located on the site of a well known quarter horse ranch formerly owned for nearly 40 years by the Barnett family, the now all-natural horse boarding business serves as a backdrop for the nostalgic residence built back to the early 1900's.  Chickens, ducks, guineas and more live here and frequent the neighborhood from time to time.  

This little army of creatures makes up one of the best insect control programs ever!  We release beneficial insects if they can't keep up, but no synthetic pesticides are ever applied out here.

Stop by and enjoy a taste of the country, see what is growing & blooming in our demo gardens and enjoy a cup of organic coffee or herbal tea with us under the grand old Post Oaks! 

The life of a plant starts in the soil and you'll find brand name organic fertilizers, compost and soil amendments to get your soil restored to health. 

There are also safe, yet effective, pest control products; safe cleaning supplies that really clean; natural and organic feeds for your critters; gift items (for you or a friend); and personal care items to soothe those sore gardening muscles, hands and feet.  Whew!  And coming soon, we'll have fresh Texas grown organic produce via the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and other local Texas organic farmers! 

We specialize in organic gardening, xeriscape planning & drought tolerant plants carrying a selection of beautiful, hardy, Texas or southern region grown "water savvy" perennials. We also have USDA certified organically grown and/or maintained seasonal vegetable and herb plant starts, and certified organic seeds-so you can "grow your own".  You'll also find some of your favorite, old fashioned colorful annual bedding plants to mix and match in planters or in your garden of paradise or hanging baskets to decorate your porch. 

We offer free "How-to" Classes.  Check our EVENTS page for the latest topic and dates.  You'll always find us ready to help answer your questions and make good plant choices for a successful gardening experience.      

Free lectures resume soon - watch for classes to start up soon.

The old bunk house is cozy and full of neat things for your garden and home.  Plus, we have a work shed stocked up with all of your favorite organic gardening amendments and fertilizers by Rabbit Hill Farm, Maestro Gro, Bradfields, Gardenville and more.

Until you get here, what should you be doing in your paradise garden?  Go to This Month and find out. 

10 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care - from the website of www.safelawns.org

1.) Safety, for humans, animals, insects and the planet

2.) Better Health, for humans, animals, the lawns and the planet

3.) Water Conservation & Preservation, since water does not often become contaminated in organic systems, which also require less water than synthetic programs

4.) Soil Health & Sustainability, since organics builds organic matter and life within the soil

5.) Pest Reduction, since insects tend to be more attracted to out-of-balance synthetic systems

6.) Resource Conservation, since synthetic fertilizers are derived from fossil fuels and organic systems encourage recycling, and because organic systems emphasize less mowing

7.) Financial Savings through time, since organic systems become more independent as the soil is improved

8.) Environmental Preservation, including a reduction in greenhouse gases and global warming

9.) Noise Reduction from decreased reliance on power equipment

10.) Environmental Awareness from the organic practitioners, who don’t rely on “four-step plans” and instead tend to become stewards of the land.


"Mmmm, this stuff is yummy!  Mom calls it Pet Grass"



Now this is how to turn the compost pile!  Free Labor! 



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