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Eden's Garden CSA Farm

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                    4710 Pioneer Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180

                    GARDEN SHOP / FARMERS MARKET  Open 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays only  April - December 6th


                    Just 15 mins southeast of downtown Dallas 1 block north I20 @ Seagoville Rd.


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All of our Producers use clean growing methods and No GMO seed/plants/feed

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NO GMO  - NO SYNTHETIC Pesticides/herbicides or fertilizers - we're all natural, sustainable and REAL!

Real food that is produced in a way that is sustainable to the farm it grew at, is free of GMO's, synthetic pesticides or herbicides, picked and sold within hours not weeks of harvest and is grown and distributed close to home by folks you can get to know! What a concept, eh?

Real food grown with integrity makes sense for all the right reasons;

Fresh, Real Food - Our food is not transported from clear across the country - or the world - to your table, so it tastes great!  Kids, (and adults) will eat more vegetables if they taste good! And, when kids see where it comes from, they are more interested in their food, too.

Nutritionally Dense Food - Because our food is picked ripe, not "green", and is not shipped for days or weeks (or gassed and stored for months, then gassed again to make it look pretty), you get the many health benefits of fresh foods packed with vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body and mind! Plus, food grown in sustainable and organically enriched soils, (generally associated with small, family farms using natural methods), yield healthier food than crops grown in sterile, lifeless soil!

Food Security - Know that your food is being grown safely, locally and by people who really care about you and what they are doing. Many small farmers tend to live on or near their land, which means they care about the stewardship of their land. Keeping green-spaces green for future generations, and preserving some of our local history also preserves a part of US history that everyone can enjoy in many ways. Plus, they and their families EAT what they grow!

Face to Face - Shake the hand that feeds you! Be it at our on the farm farmer's market or through our CSA, getting to know who is growing your food is real peace of mind! You know your doctor, mechanic and dry cleaner - do you know your farmer?

Local Economy Boost - Keep your food dollars circulating in your own community. Eden's does NOT supplement our market offerings or CSA shares with out-sourced foods. ALL of the food at Eden's is locally grown/produced by us or other local farmers/ranchers/producers who share our sustainable growing philosophies! So by purchasing food through Eden's, you are supporting fellow Texans!

Convenience - Eden's Garden CSA Farm is located less than 15 miles southeast of downtown Dallas, 1 block off of I20 and 1 mile east of 635. We also have a weekly CSA delivery option for those living north in the Lakewood area.  Gather up a group of friends from church or the neighborhood and additional drop sites may be added based on demand.

What does "CLEAN" mean? Well, while I don't use synthetic chemical pesticides & herbicides and instead, DO use natural and sustainable farming practices, take good care of my land, raise my animals with the utmost respect and care, treat those who help at the farm with respect and love, nurture the environment and do many things that would be considered "beyond organic"; the USDA has basically hijacked the word organic, so we use the word, Clean.

A few ask if the farm is "certified" organic.

There are actually laws saying a farm can not claim in any way to be organic or even say they are using "organic methods", unless they pay a fee to have a USDA inspector come out once a year, fill out a bunch of forms annually, pay to have the farm re-inspected if there is a problem, and keep specific and detailed financial and harvest records for inspections every year. Like I don't have enough paperwork to do and bills to pay with the farm's IRS and personal growing records.  No, I'm not kidding.

I see no sense in paying the government not to poison my land; on the contrary, I think it would make more sense for those who do contaminate the land to have to pay fees, but that is another subject.....

I network with other farmers using these same growing principals and many of us belong to TOFGA, the state association of organic farmers, and other organizations that promote the "O word" way of growing.  Many of us go beyond the USDA's ever-changing and relaxing "organic standards" anyway. Many of your smaller farms that are "clean" (and those who do jump through the hoops to be certified) are often going above and beyond those standards.

Transparency - While I do have fences to keep horses in, and hopefully, predators out, this is a community oriented farm. Regular activities keep the place hopping with visitors; you are our "inspectors", on a regular basis.

Farm tours and other on-farm visit/use events are available, by reservation, so I can plan  work - not so I can hide anything from you.  And there are folks just like you, who volunteer to work side by side with me learning how I do things naturally here at Eden's, and eat the same food I do. 

Eden's has come to have a great reputation for being a leader in the organic gardening community for over 10 years. To me, it boils down to "know your farmer".   I think this transparent policy directly with customers is a better way. I hope you do, too.

Market Day at Eden's - REAL Farmers!

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Know where your food comes from!

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